How to Snorkel with a Beard in 2022 – Easy Way to Seal Your Mask!

how to snorkel with a beard

You always wanted to snorkel but have a beard and wonder how to snorkel with a beard. You probably learned or heard that you should not snorkel with a beard. But is this true? Does it have repercussions? When it comes to surfing underwater, several myths and facts come along. Now, here is snorkeling. What …

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How to Remove O-Rings in 2022 – Easy Guideline With or Without Tools

how to remove o-rings

As little as the O-rings are, they serve a critical purpose in every diving adventure. This guide is equipped with relevant info on how to remove O-rings (based on Scuba diving) in case of an unexpected breakdown. Irrespective of the user pattern, even if a diving gear is stored securely and unengaged for as long …

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