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How to Snorkel with a Beard in 2022 – Easy Way to Seal Your Mask!

You always wanted to snorkel but have a beard and wonder how to snorkel with a beard. You probably learned or heard that you should not snorkel with a beard.

But is this true? Does it have repercussions?

When it comes to surfing underwater, several myths and facts come along.

Now, here is snorkeling. What myths and facts have you heard? We get to hear some dos and don’ts that do not count, and at the same time, we find those that are vital.

There is no problem with snorkeling with a beard, provided you do it the right way. Now, the questions shift to, “how do I snorkel with a beard?”

Read on as you have answers to the question in this article.


Snorkeling Overview

Snorkeling is a type of recreational activity popular among many people. It is the practice of swimming through the water while being equipped with snorkeling gear.

The gear includes a diving mask, a breathing tube (snorkel), and swim fins.

This equipment allows the snorkeler to quickly swim through the waters, breathe, and have a good view of the underwater environment.

Snorkeling is similar to scuba diving, with only minor differences.

Snorkeling does not require intense training. It is structured only to observe the underwater environment in a natural setting.

It does not include complicated equipment, unlike in scuba diving.

Snorkeling is also suitable for all ages as it requires little effort and is more of recreational activity. It is also ideal for underwater sports like underwater rugby, hockey, and the like.

Can You Snorkel with Your Beard or Moustache?

Snorkeling with a beard or mustache is not in any way harmful; so far, you do it the right way.

You can snorkel with your beard, mustache, or any other facial hair, but you will first have to take some precautions.

The coat of your mustache or beards can be a huge problem, which is why you need to take care of it when snorkeling.

You need to maintain an air-tight seal when snorkeling. Your mask needs to be air-tight, so water cannot flow in during your underwater activities.

So, if you have hair strands getting beneath the seal of the mask, you might have a huge problem.

It would be best if you are now worried about how you can keep the seal on your mask regardless of whatever facial hair you have.

Once you can do this, you have little or no issue with your beards or mustache when snorkeling.

You can do several things to ensure perfect snorkeling with your mustache or beard.

One of the things you need to do is get a mask that perfectly fits your face and facial hair. Getting this mask will provide you with successful snorkeling activities.

You can also decide to enhance the mask’s seal by adding food-grade silicon to the rim mask. This will increase the seal and reduce the risk of having trouble when snorkeling.

So, you can snorkel with your beards and mustache, but you only need to take the necessary steps to make it a success.

Problems You Can Encounter When Snorkeling with Beards or Moustache

Snorkeling with beards and mustaches has its side effects. And these side effects can be very far from ideal when they occur.

This is why snorkeling with beards requires you to take some steps to save yourself from these unideal situations.

The mask has a seal that rests on the face. When the seal rests on the face, it creates an air-tight condition that prevents water from entering and getting into the eyes.

This ensures your eyes are in a safe condition and also provides you with excellent vision.

It might not always work this way when you have a mustache and beards. The hair can get under the mask, causing a breach in the seal.

Once there is a breach in the seal, water can get in and affect your eyes, which is quest unideal and unhealthy.

When saltwater enters your eyes, you might experience reduced or blurry vision. Your eyes can even develop infections that you wouldn’t want.

So, you have to consider your safety by snorkeling under ideal conditions.

You need to fix the leak between your skin and the leak. Once you can fix the leak, you will be able to enjoy your snorkeling activities to the fullest.

You can also prevent this problem if you know the proper way to snorkel with your beards and mustache.

With adequate prevention, you can give yourself a worthy snorkeling activity and eliminate every possible hazard.

Even with your beards and mustache, you can enjoy your snorkeling activities to the fullest.

Step by Step Guide for How to Snorkel with Your Beards

There are several ways you can snorkel with your beards. You only need to take immediate and straightforward steps, and you are on your path to exciting snorkeling.

Let’s have a look at the practical steps you should take if you want to snorkel with your beards or mustache;

01. Use Snorkel Mask

Step 1: Select the Appropriate Mask

You must select a suitable mask for your snorkeling activities.

One thing you should have in mind, whether you have beards or not, is the mask you are choosing. Choosing a suitable mask will reduce your chance of error when snorkeling.

You can wear two types of masks when snorkeling; the traditional snorkel mask and the full-face snorkel mask.

The traditional snorkel mask is the type that covers your eyes and your nose area only. While the full-face snorkel mask covers almost every section of your face starting from the forehead down to the chin.

You can pick your preferred type of mask, depending on the facial hair you have. The traditional snorkel mask can be perfect if you do not have a mustache and beards.

Snorkelers with no beards and mustaches have little or no problem deciding what mask to use.

As much as you do not have to be so concerned about the type of snorkel mask you need, you have to know the size that suits you best.

You can decide to use the full-face snorkel mask or even the traditional snorkel mask without having any issues. This is because you have less hair on your face, which means less trouble.

The full-face mask is the best choice for you if you have beards and mustaches. The full-face mask will cover the fake mustache and beards altogether.

There will be little or no chance of experiencing a leak when using the full-face beards.

The traditional snorkel mask is not the best choice for you if you have beards and a mustache. You can, however, use it, but you should be ready to carry out extra actions.

Using the perfect snorkel mask will ensure your safety and lock water outside the mask during use.

Step 2: Seal Your Mask with Food-Grade Silicone

The hair on your face can be a huge hindrance when it comes to snorkeling. When the seal of your snorkel mask comes in contact with hair, a breach occurs.

This breach can cause the mask to leak and allow the passage of water, which is something you do not want.

You have to apply food-grade silicone to the point of contact to secure the leak in the seal. It is an easy process that you can complete within a short time.

Once you apply the silicone to the seal, then you can visit the waters and enjoy your snorkeling activities to the fullest.

To apply the food-grade silicone to your mask, you will need to know the points that come in contact with the hair on your face.

These are the parts you will apply the silicone on. You can also decide to use it on every part of the seal if you are unsure what parts come in contact with hair.

After applying the food-grade silicone, you should wear the mask on your face. It would help to avoid excess movements when wearing the mask to ensure a perfect seal.

Once it is sealed, you can then proceed to your snorkeling activities and enjoy the beauties of the underwater world.

Some people make use of Vaseline, which is entirely wrong. Vaseline contains petroleum jelly, a substance that eats away at your mask, seal, and silicone.

This makes the mask less efficient for other purposes. Even if you do not have beards, applying Vaseline or similar products can make the sealless functional for you.

Step 3: Shape of the Mask Should Match Your Facial Hair

You might not always get quality food-grade silicone when sealing your snorkel mask. You might need to become creative and get another alternative for this.

You have two options here; you either shape your facial hair or get a mask that fits your facial hair.

You have to shape your facial hair. You can trim your mustache and beards or even shape them to suit your snorkel mask.

The latter is more complicated than the former, so we should choose the first option.

You might sometimes need to drastically reduce your mustache or beards to fit in the snorkel mask.

Whatever you choose to do, you should know how the result turns out to show how creative you are.

02. Use Goggles

If you are the type that cherishes your beards and mustache, it is pretty understandable if you do not want to touch them.

So, a perfect remedy is to use swimming goggles. The swimming goggles perform the same work as the snorkel mask.

The goggle covers the eyes and uses a lid to prevent water from entering them.

It is a perfect way to keep your beards and mustache while you enjoy your snorkeling activities to the fullest. You also do not need to use silicone or have any issues with seals.

Tips for Proper Snorkel Seal

Here are simple tips to keep your snorkel seal intact and in the proper condition;

  • Get a quality mask with a quality seal. The higher the quality, the more water-resistant it is.
  • Don’t smile. Smiling changes the shape of the mouth, causing the seal to change shape regularly.
  • Use a mask with a high-quality seal. The higher the quality, the more flexible and softer it is.
  • It would be best to shave off your mustache to ensure perfect air-tight condition.
  • Ensure your hair does not get into the top seal of the mask.
  • Make sure the strap isn’t too tight. It will cause the seal to deform and cause leakage.

Do’s and Don’ts of Snorkeling

Here are some of the things you should do and those you should not do when snorkeling.

  • Always check the weather and water conditions.
  • Use sunscreens to prevent sunburns.
  • Go with a friend to ensure safety and more fun.
  • Pay cognizance to your water environment. It will make you too cautious.
  • Ensure your equipment are in optimal condition.
  • Take good care of your gear and wash them when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Snorkel with a Beard

01. How can I seal a snorkel mask when I have a beard?

To seal a snorkel mask with a beard, you will use high-quality food-grade silicone. This will help seal and maintain air-tight conditions when using the snorkel.

02. Should you shave before snorkeling?

Shaving before snorkeling is not necessary. You can decide not to shave and go snorkeling without any issue or problem.

You can also choose to shave before snorkel; it is your choice. But whatever decision you make, you should be ready to take specific steps.

03. Can I use my full face mask with my beards?

Yes, you can. You can wear your full-face snorkel mask even with your beards. The full mask will cover your beards and face providing you with the air-tight condition.

The full-face snorkel mask is suitable for excellent snorkeling activities.

04. Why is my snorkel mask leaking?

There are several reasons your snorkel mask can leak. But the primary reason for the leak is the damaged seal.

Once the seal is damaged or not in the right state, you will experience a leak. The leaking will stop as soon as you correct the damage.


Snorkeling is interesting, but it is more enjoyable when you do it the right way. Having beards does not stop you from enjoying the fun of snorkeling.

All you have to do is take the necessary steps and enjoy your snorkeling activities. Keep your beards and mustache, and go for your snorkeling adventure.

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